Spot Delivery

This is a form that places conditions on the purchase of your vehicle. A Spot Delivery form will state conditions that you must abide by if your vehicle finance contract is not purchase by a bank.

Typically this form will state that you are required to return the vehicle within 24 hrs if the dealer notifies you that your finance contract was not funded by a bank.

Even if the dealer says "you are approved" that dealer still has not received funds from the bank that they submitted your application to.

Unless, "STIP" (pay check, W-2, References, Proof of Residency, etc...) are required to fund your finance contract, this Spot Delivery form is usually just a sheet an extra sheet of paper.

However, this form is used to provide extra legal protection to the dealer in the event they must "hook" (repo) the vehicle you are purchasing, when the finance contract is not funded.


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