Your Privacy Rights

Have you every walked into a car dealership and seen:

  • A customer information sheet laying on an unattended desk
  • A not card with a name and number laying on an unattended desk
  • A computer on with a customers file pulled up and no one in front of that computer
  • An office unlocked or open and unattended with car deal files laying around
All of these are examples of a violation of the Privacy Act.

Dealers are required to protect non-public information

What is non-public information?

Non-public information is any information about you that is not readily available via the phone book or the internet.

Examples of non-public information:

  • Driver's License Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Non-published addresses
  • Account numbers
  • Financial and Credit information
  • Medical Information
  • Email addresses
  • Religious, Race, and Origin

Dealers are also required to in some way inform you how they use the information they collect about you

Most dealers do one of two things when it comes to informing you on how your information is used.

  • Have you sign a Privacy Notice
  • Have a Company Policy Privacy Notice posted in a general and visible area



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