Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection is a huge buzz word in the retail automotive industry; as it should be. Protecting the public personal information is very important to reputable Dealers.

Both Federal and State Governments and Agencies, spend millions of dollars a year to draft and enforce rules, regulations, and laws to protect you. One major part of Consumer Protection is the protection of your privacy.



These agencies are here to protect you from discrimination, profiling, privacy violations, and unfair practices. To learn more about your rights and protections take our ASK A.B.E. automotive buyer's educational course to fully understand how you are protected.

How To File A Consumer Complaint

Legal Resources

We are continually adding to our legal resources database for your better understanding of your rights and protections. Please visit our Legal Resources Center to learn more.

Have you every walked into a car dealership and seen:

  • A customer information sheet laying on an unattended desk
  • A not card with a name and number laying on an unattended desk
  • A computer on with a customer's file pulled up and no one in front of that computer
  • An office unlocked or open and unattended with car deal files laying around

All of these are examples of a violation of the Privacy Act.


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