Once you have decided to purchase a vehicle, no matter if you are paying cash or financing, you have to go see the "dreaded" person in the small back office.

Typically a dealer will only offer 4 to 5 finance products, but let's look at the most common the Business Manager (F&I Manager) could offer you.

Also notice that our list of these products is not in alphabetical order, and here is why:

  • The list is based on our opinion of what would be the most important if we were purchasing a vehicle
  • The list is based on what we see in dealerships as the most common
  • The top of this list is the top 4 products that we feel would be the most valuable to us, if we were purchasing a vehicle


Guaranteed Asset Protection, aka GAP, is designed to cover any negative amount owed on a loan when your vehicle is declared a "total lose". Learn More

Extended Service Plan

An Extended Service Plan is designed to provide financial coverage in case a covered part breaks. There are many different levels of coverage's offered by a dealer depending on the dealer's preferences and the vehicle you are purchasing. Learn More

Tire & Wheel

A tire & wheel policy is designed to cover the replacement cost of a rim or tire in the event that the tire does not hold air. Many companies offer this policy and the protection provided can greatly vary. Learn More


A maintenance policy is design to provide you with the easy of pre-paying your maintenance costs during a designated time period. Like most of the other products offered by a Business Manager the coverage options can vary. Learn More

Paint & Fab

Paint & Fab protection, often called Mop & Glow, is a product that is applied to the vehicles exterior and the interior seating areas to protect from paint fading and seat stains. This can be a good product for you especially if you are purchasing a vehicle with light leather seats and you love to wear jeans. Learn More

Credit Life

Credit Life is an insurance policy that pays off the balance owed on a loan in the event of your death. There are age restrictions and depending on what underwriter is offering the product there can be other physical requirements. Learn More

Accident & Disability

Accident and Disability is an insurance policy that pays your vehicle loan payments if you were to be in an accident or become disabled and unable to work. Think of 'The Duck" its kinda like that, but it is designated for 100% of the monthly car payment. Learn More

Dent & Ding

A dent & ding policy is starting to become very uncommon in the industry as a separate item. Usually this policy is combined with a windshield protection policy. However, a dent & ding policy is typically designed to provide you with paintless dent and ding repair from instances relating to things like a door ding or shopping cart dent. This does not cover dents from accidents. Learn More


A windshield policy is designed to provide coverage for windshiled repairs due to rocks pecks and cracks. Usually this policy is combined with dent & ding policy. If you were to purchase this policy please pay very close attention to the crack sizes and star size specifications of the policy before purchasing. Learn More

Triple Coverage

Triple coverage comes in many different titles as a policy, but it simply means that the policy provides protection for Tire & Wheel, Dent & Ding, and Windshield. Learn More


This product is starting to fade away from being offered, but here is what it is. Etch is a protection product to identify your vehicle if it were to be stolen. We are not believers in this product, and if our car was stolen we do not want it back. But, definitely click the learn more to understand how dealers will try and push you to buy it. Learn More

Every time we turn around some company some where is creating a new product to add to a vehicle loan. However, the above listed products are the most common in the automotive industry.