We know that buying a vehicle sounds worse then going to the dentist, but if you know why dealers follow certain processes then this will be a walk in the park for you.

First, let's look at the average consumer's buying process:

  • Online vehicle research
  • Submit inquiry to dealership
  • Receive a waste of time response from the dealership's internet department
  • Drive to the dealership and meet a salesperson
  • Never mention that they have been on the internet
  • Pick out a vehicle and go on a test drive
  • Get rushed into the building after the test drive
  • Salesperson leaves customer alone for 10 minutes
  • Salesperson comes back with a bunch of paperwork and asks for your trade keys
  • Used Car Manager appraises your vehicle
  • Salesperson comes back with numbers to negotiate
  • You do not accept the numbers
  • Salesperson runs back and forth from the sales desk and your table
  • Numbers finally agreed
  • Business Manager receives paperwork from salesperson
  • Business Manager takes his/her time submitting your deal
  • Finally you go into the "dreaded" office
  • Business Manager presents his products and processes your paperwork
  • Salesperson presents you with the keys and you finally leave
Average time period: 3 to 4 hours and you are not 100% happy with the process

Now, here is what we suggest:

  • Do your online vehicle research
  • Submit inquiry to dealership
  • Set an appointment with the dealership's internet department
  • Drive to the dealership ask for the manager and let them know you have an appointment
  • Meet designated salesperson who will be handling your transaction
  • View the vehicle and take test drive
  • Ask to view the service drive
  • Meet Used Car Manager and walk around your trade-in with them
  • Ask for your keys back before, salesperson comes back with numbers to negotiate
  • Ask to see all your finance options when reviewing numbers
  • Negotiate numbers directly with the Manager
  • When you have agreed on numbers, ask to meet the Business Manager
  • Only discuss credit with the Business Manager
  • Have salesperson go over and set up any special electronic options the vehicle may have
  • Business Manager comes out to get you to process your paperwork
  • Review your finance product options with the Business Manager
  • Business Manager processes your paperwork
  • Business Manager pages salesperson to the office
  • Salesperson walks you to your new vehicle
  • Salesperson "once again" reviews features on the new vehicle
  • You drive away in your new vehicle
This is a proven process that provides a customer with the control power, shortens the buying process time period, and has proven to show a more enjoyable buying experience.

In short, as a consumer:

  • Control the process
  • Deal directly with managers
  • Understand all your options
  • Do not let the dealer short cut the process
  • If you are not happy, get up and leave (it's your right!)