We know that this sounds worse then going to the dentist, but if you know why dealers follow certain processes then this will be a walk in the park for you.

First, let's look at the average consumer's buying process:

  • Online vehicle research
  • Submit inquiry to dealership
  • Receive a waste of time response from the dealership's internet department
  • Drive to the dealership and meet a salesperson
  • Never mention that they have been on the internet
  • Pick out a vehicle and go on a test drive
  • Get rushed into the building after the test drive
  • Salesperson leaves customer alone for 10 minutes
  • Salesperson comes back with a bunch of paperwork and asks for your trade keys
  • Used Car Manager appraises your vehicle
  • Salesperson comes back with numbers to negotiate
  • You do not accept the numbers
  • Salesperson runs back and forth from the sales desk and your table
  • Numbers finally agreed
  • Business Manager receives paperwork from salesperson
  • Business Manager takes his/her time submitting your deal
  • Finally you go into the "dreaded" office
  • Business Manager presents his products and processes your paperwork
  • Salesperson presents you with the keys and you finally leave
Average time period: 3 to 4 hours and you are not 100% happy with the process

Now, here is what we suggest:

  • Do your online vehicle research
  • Submit inquiry to dealership
  • Set an appointment with the dealership's internet department
  • Drive to the dealership ask for the manager and let them know you have an appointment
  • Meet designated salesperson who will be handling your transaction
  • View the vehicle and take test drive
  • Ask to view the service drive
  • Meet Used Car Manager and walk around your trade-in with them
  • Ask for your keys back before, salesperson comes back with numbers to negotiate
  • Ask to see all your finance options when reviewing numbers
  • Negotiate numbers directly with the Manager
  • When you have agreed on numbers, ask to meet the Business Manager
  • Only discuss credit with the Business Manager
  • Have salesperson go over and set up any special electronic options the vehicle may have
  • Business Manager comes out to get you to process your paperwork
  • Review your finance product options with the Business Manager
  • Business Manager processes your paperwork
  • Business Manager pages salesperson to the office
  • Salesperson walks you to your new vehicle
  • Salesperson "once again" reviews features on the new vehicle
  • You drive away in your new vehicle
This is a proven process that provides a customer with the control power, shortens the buying process time period, and has proven to show a more enjoyable buying experience.

In short, as a consumer:

  • Control the process
  • Deal directly with managers
  • Understand all your options
  • Do not let the dealer short cut the process
  • If you are not happy, get up and leave (it's your right!)

In a nutshell

Dealership employees are lazy. Yes, we said it. Because we understand it, we have been there and we see it every day.

This is the largest purchase the average consumer ever makes outside of their home purchase.

This is your money and you deserve the right to be fully informed and treated properly.

The more you know, the more power you will have to control your vehicle purchase transaction. Keep the dealer honest and make them work to have the honor to sell you a vehicle.

Did you know that the most talked about thing in a dealership in the morning is, "What's for lunch?"


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