How to maintain your vehicle, has pretty much always been an opinion. And, here is why we say that:

  • The Factory has a maintenance schedule in the owner's manual
  • The dealership suggests even more maintenance
  • Our family has always told us our they maintain their vehicle

What are the three major maintenance issues to keep a vehicle running?

  • Oil,Lube, & Filter - Change the oil, lube up the joint (CV and Universal), and change the oil filter.

    Our family's have always told us to perform this maintenance every 3,000 miles. This is no longer a requirement every 3,000 miles. Most factories have begun changing their scheduled maintenance to every 5,000 miles. The mileage interval you perform this maintenance is completely up to you, however we do not suggest going more than 10,000 miles in between maintenance intervals.
  • Rotating your tires - Typically this is done when you do your Oil, Lube, & Filter service. By properly rotating your tires you will extend the possible life of your tires, preventing you from prematurely having to purchase new tires.
  • Changing your air filter - This seems like no big deal, but it is a big deal. Chang your air filter as suggested in your owner's manual. Did you know that a dirty air filter can cause what is known as "Dusting". "Dusting" is when all those dirty particles come off the air filter and get in your engine. "Dusting" can void your engine warranty.

Now with all this being said, the factory has a suggested maintenance schedule, and did you know that the factory has the right to not pay a warranty claim if you do not follow their suggested schedule.

We are not saying that you must completely follow their schedule, but we are suggesting that you do the routine maintenance within their schedule and keep all of your records.

Let's talk about the dealership's suggested maintenance schedule. Typically this is everything that is suggested by the manufacture plus other maintenance items that that dealer feels is important to have checked or changed. The dealership's suggested maintenance schedule may increase your vehicles performance and is completely up to you if you choose to follow their schedule

What about spark plugs and engine coolant?

We suggest that you do check you spark plugs and your engine coolant about every 40,000 miles and definitely have them changed every 100,000 miles.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I not have to change my oil every 3,000 miles?

Because of the quality of the engineering of both the build of your engine and the typically oil used in vehicles today.

Why would I go to the dealership instead of going to an Oil Change Place?

First let us say, that we have taken the "Oil Change Place" name out of this question. Why? We don't want to get sued.

But, here is the answer. A dealership has factory trained and certified technicians, and these are the people that know your vehicle the best. Ask yourself this, would you get on an airplane if you looked out the widow and saw a a guy working on the tires of the plane that you saw working at a fast food joint the week before?

Isn't the dealership more expense?

No not always. Dealership's run service specials all the time. Here's a great way of getting service specials - Sign up and join our community and you can download specials in your area 24/7.


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