All states require that you carry at least the state minimum insurance coverage, to be legally operating a vehicle. However, finance companies have the right to require more coverage then your state minimums.

First, let's look at understanding typical insurance coverage's:

  • Liability coverage - This provides protection on claims against the insured when the insured vehicle causes property damage or bodily injury to someone else.
  • Collision coverage - This provides coverage for losses the insured incurs as a result of damage to their insured vehicle from a collision.
  • Comprehensive coverage - This provides coverage for losses the insured incurs which are not the result of a collision (for i.e., vandalism, theft, falling objects).
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage - This provides coverage for losses the insured incurs from damages of an uninsured motorist or unknown motorist (hit and run).
  • Medical coverage - This provides coverage for medical expenses the insured incurs for the insured and others from an accident.
  • Your insurance company may offer other coverage's and higher limits; please visit your insurance provider.

Now, let's look at understanding how to read your insurance coverage:

Now knowing this, let's look at vehicle loans:

  • Typically a finance company requires a minimum of 50/100/50 coverage, however the finance company does retain the right to require a higher limit.
  • Lease transaction typically require a minimum of 100/300/100 coverage.
  • If you have a lapse in insurance coverage, a finance company can force insurance and you will be subject to those insurance premiums, unless you can prove there was no lapse in coverage. If you did have a lapse, you can acquire new insurance and typically only pay the finance company's higher premium for the time period you did not have car insurance.

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Minimum State Coverage

Understand your state minimum vehicle insurance requirements.


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