Join The Preferred Dealer Network

Consumer reputation is becoming more and more important in the retail automotive industry. What people think and say about a Dealership is more important now than ever.

Here is what we look at before we place a Dealer applicant in our "Preferred Dealer Network"

  • CSI scores
  • Social Reputation
  • BBB rating

Other criteria's

  • New Vehicle Dealers
    • Geographical distance from other "same make" dealership
    • Local population size
    • Service Department Reputation
  • Used Vehicle Dealers
    • Geographical distance from another pre-owned lot
    • Local population size

We are serious about the quality of the Dealers in our "Preferred Dealer Network" and will monitor and adjust Dealer listings if a Dealer falls below our minimum standard.

What does a Dealer get?

  • Exclusive Listings as a Preferred Dealer
  • Exposure to Immediate Market
  • Searchable inventory linked to
  • Immediate Market Referrals
  • Optional Protected Geographical Market
  • Access to Direct Marketable Database of Immediate Buyers and Owners
  • Discounts on Dealership "Best Practices" training and accountability
  • Increased Social Reputation
Just to highlight a few of the benefits of being a Preferred Dealer.

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