Best Practices

Car Dealers try to stay as legally compliant as possible using a process called, "Best Practices". Best Practices is a process of operating a Car Dealership with a legal, ethical, and moral standard. As with every rule or law written by both the Federal and State Governments, there is room for interpretation. This "room for interpretation" can and does sometimes get a Car Dealer in a legal bind when trying to explain his/her store's processes.

Utilizing "Best Practices" is the process of understanding and implementing processes to protect the Dealership and its Customers, which abide by the rules, regulations, and laws set forth to protect the Consumer. When "room for interpretations" is involved, a Dealer who utilizes "Best Practices" will learn, understand, and implement the industry standard practices to protect the consumer, even if this added level of consumer protection is not 100% required by law.

As the industry changes, so do the consumer protection requirements.

A well run Dealership will continually evaluate its process manuals to stay 100% compliant and periodically adjust its processes to provided the neccessary adding levels of consumer protection.

Typically, Dealerships that utilize "Best Practices" maintain a higher level of respect from its customers and community; which are reflected in CSI scores, Social Reputation, and BBB ratings. and ASK A.B.E. provide these "Best Practices" knowledge to the consumer for them to fully understand their rights when purchasing a vehicle. As we educate the public, it will only be natural for non-compliant Dealers to get on board with "Best Practices" to maintain their customer base.

If your Dealership needs continued training and management on "Best Practices" and accountability, please contact us.


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