Take Back Control Of Your Car Deal

Understanding the proper process to control the flow of your car buying experience, you need to control the dealer and the sales team. Learn what normally happens and how to change the events to take control.

Understanding Your Rights As A Consumer

In today's market you are granted many rights and protections that you may not know about and there are a lot of dealers who do not follow these rules and regulations. Understanding your true rights can make your purchasing experience more enjoyable.

Get To Know Your Federal And State Laws

Both Federal and State Governments and Agencies make ruling on and police the retail automotive industry to attempt to protect you from bad dealer practices. However, there are many misconceptions as to what is a law and what is not.



Are You Properly Protected

Understanding an insurance policy can be like reading Greek for the first time, it can be way confusing. You should be fully aware of your State's minimum requirements and the extra protection coverage to protect yourself in the event of an accident.

Take The Rebates Or The Special Interest Rate

0% sounds great, I want that. Before you make this comment you need to weigh in a few different factors. The special interest rate is not always the best way to go, or will it always give you the lowest payment.


How Do You Protect Your Wallet

When you purchase a vehicle the dealer will offer you multiple different products to add to your loan. Before you say know you should be fully aware of the benefits you may be turning down. Take a look at how you can protect your wallet and your credit.

Do You Really Know Your Car Credit

Understanding how your credit and how it is used when purchasing a vehicle can play a big factor in your experience while buying a car. Car credit scores can be different than what you see on the monitoring sites, and you need to know your rights as to how the dealer uses your non-public information.



It's Time To Win At Buying A Car

Are you tired of the car dealer always winning? With the right tools and knowledge you can take back control of your car deal. Take the ASK A.B.E. educational course and learn your rights, protections, and a proper process to beat the car dealer.


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